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Superior Steel incorporates cutting edge manufacturing and quality assurance practices that shape into premium quality products. When it's time redefine what real strength and toughness stands for, Superior Steel products show the way.

About Superior Steel

Superior Steel® is a stand out designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality yet reasonably priced steel products including saw blades, chain saw discs, chisel sets, planer blades, rotohammer steel, shear blades and a lot more. Superior Steel believes in uncompromising products and is dedicated to deliver that belief to its customers in the form of products they can trust.

We remain committed to the objective of pushing forward consumer-centric innovation so as to consistently put forward a range of products that are regarded as bleeding edge when it comes to performance, durability, design and quality. Superior Steel wants American woodworker to know that there are products on the market that can achieve what brand name products do but at the fraction of the price.

We Strive to:

  • Offer a fair price, consistent service and inventory, filling the needs of our clients with solutions to their current requirements with timely delivery and friendly customer assistance.
  • Operate with integrity, achieve our mission in an ethical manner and continually improve our performance.
  • Partner with vendors who help us meet our customers' needs.
  • Be our customers' first choice for quality products and services needed to help them achieve their objectives.
  • Meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

Uncompromising Solutions for American Woodworkers

Woodworking is a craft beloved to America and our craftsmen hold it dear. That's why there's a need to push the boundaries when it comes to woodworking tools, equipment and accessories and Superior Steel was established to achieve exactly that. Superior Steel went no holds barred with designing, engineering and manufacturing to come up with a range of uncompromising products that deliver in a multitude of applications in toughest of working environments. And we remain devoted to keep upping our game to present the best in class solutions in coming years.

Mission Statement

"Superior Steel is committed to bring strong quality and performance packed products for American woodworkers who look for affordable solutions that don't cut any corners so they can push creative productivity to new levels."

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Great goals aren’t achieved alone. We are fortunate to have such skillful and talented professionals.

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Sales & Marketing Manager

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Account Manager

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Operations / Customer Service